Our AI build for Travel

Wetime's specialized AI excels over LLMs by focusing solely on travel, ensuring deeper, more precise personalization in planning.

Wetime's AI development journey showcases our commitment to creating a travel-specific AI solution. From initial insights gathered through extensive data analysis to the adoption of TensorFlow for our foundational technology, we've been dedicated to building a sophisticated AI from scratch. Now in its third iteration, our AI stands as a testament to our innovative approach, designed exclusively to understand every facet of travel planning, ensuring a personalized and insightful experience for each user.
To personalize travel experiences, Wetime's AI considers the travel group, budget, group composition, travel time, and allows users to fine-tune interests. The AI dynamically adjusts selections for activities and locations based on these inputs, ensuring each recommendation aligns with the user's specific preferences and circumstances.
Wetime's AI adapts effortlessly to changes in travel plans. Offering primary options for hotels or restaurants, we accompany each with four alternatives, allowing users freedom to swap as desired. Options can be easily deleted to receive new suggestions, ensuring flexibility and user control.
Wetime enhances its AI's understanding of user preferences by analyzing every selection and interaction within the platform. Each choice made by a user contributes to our deeper learning about travel preferences, aiding in refining and improving our AI's capability to deliver increasingly personalized travel suggestions. This iterative learning process ensures our AI remains at the cutting edge of travel planning technology, continually adapting to better serve users' unique needs.